Terms & Conditions


1. Registration on Cosmic Salvo Private Limited is absolutely free to all citizens of India, completing 18 years of age.


2. The Identity Number of agent for login will be their Mobile number itself used for registration in the Company.


3. The value of a Cosmic Salvo product on which all the Bonus/ incentives/ Rewards are to be calculated is termed as Cosmic Salvo points (CSP) of that product.


4. The CSP of the respective products will be displayed with the Product on Company’s website. Every product has MRP, Cosmic Salvo Discounted Price (CSDP) and Cosmic Salvo points (CSP) decided by the Company.


5. The recognition level of Cosmic Salvo Compensation plan decides the level of a Agent/Distributor and the Bonus/ incentives/ Rewards as per CSP earned and its level only.


6. The payout will be on monthly basis. Direct purchase at any level will get the benefits of that level on CSP.


7. All the Bonus/ incentives/ Rewards will be calculated only for that particular month. The Incentive/Earning of the Agent/Distributor Seller will calculated as per their CSP accumulated in the particular month.


8. An Agent/Distributor may take exit within 30 days from its joining in the Company. If an Agent/Distributor does not perform for 2 years, the Company has the right to terminate their ID.


9. Eligibility Grievances of an Agent/Distributor will be heard and solved within 45 days. Any legal matters will be resolved in jurisdiction of New Delhi only.


10. Calculation of Bonus & Funds will be carried out by the software systems.


11. All necessary tax deductions from earned incomes and rewards of an Agent/Distributor would be made as per the Government rules & regulations.


12.  All the illustrations and examples given herein are just for readers understanding purpose. All the calculations work on the pro rata basis.